Michaela Möller

Hair & Make-Up Artist

  • michaela möller

    Early she began to notice her fascination for fashion. The numerous facets of putting an emphasis on someone’s beauty by variation of shapes and colors and the endless possibilities provided by styling hair and using make-up encouraged her to find her way as a professional in the creative industry.

    When it all began...

    In 2001, Michaela finished her educational training as a hair dresser and was granted a scholarship by Chamber of Crafts. In Oldenburg she graduated at an advanced level becoming a master coiffeur.

    Longing for more, she continued to extend her knowledge and added a make-up artist class to her professional education at a renowned academy in Berlin. She passed all of the classes in her educational career with distinction.

    Since 2011 she freelances as a make-up artist and master hair stylist all over Germany. Michaela’s passion of the art becomes transparent in her classic and timeless works as well as her experimental and creative projects. Her field of work comprises of fashion shows, video production alongside of photography for fashion and commercials.

    Michaela is a dependable and warmhearted person. Friends, colleagues and associates describe her as being one of a kind. She has an outstanding eye for detail and is a perfectionist in her attitude towards work.